Dealing w/ Low-Energy Issues

Generally I try my best to be a “Good Vibes” kind of being, I try to put out and respond with positive and progressive goals. Sometimes I find it difficult though to deal w/ Low-Energy things and people.

I have this belief that everyone is responsible for being the best versions of themselves as they can be and putting out the best energy they can. It’s absolutely no truth to the rumors to negatively aftermath others( ideally Yourself more but that’s your own choice ). I understand that not everyone follows this and not everyone is in the same place on their journey( including myself) but still.

Is it okay to respond w/ neutral or even negative-feeling energy in an attempt to try to convey to these things/ parties that they are putting off “Bad Vibes”? I understand trying to be upbeat, positive and kind but I feel like some people need different methods and approaches in order to learn/ understand. I’m not condoning or alluding to violence or hate or anything, but I feel like modest pettiness or something could sometimes get the point across.

Putting off vibes that say “Bruh, “youre ever” being stupid/ a jackass/ etc ., you’re better than this, improve me help you, stop negatively aftermath yourself and others.”

I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do b/ c I know everyone learns in their own time but I feel like some people could use a “nudge” sometimes. I annoy though that it’s absolutely no truth to the rumors of me to “nudge” them and that I should just let it go and offer support. At the same time though, is it okay to support low-energy that makes others down?

Sorry this ended up being longer than I proposed, I’ll stop for now lol. TIA

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