Seeing an eye within someone’s eye when staring into them?

Me and my partner decided to try Molly together, we spoke our deepest feelings we decided to press our foreheads against each other’s and look into each other’s looks. We looked for sometime and I noticed a bright golden yellow eye deep inside his own heart. I asked if he saw that and he said “yeah”. I asked about what he saw and he said he saw a blue and red eye inside my look. I told him about the golden yellow eye I appreciated in his own. We were kinda freaking out. Naturally when you’re tripping you don’t consider the same thing at the same time but variated. I’m pretty sure I visualized his soul, or his force. It just made me feel calm like the person I have been reincarnated with over and over again was with me now. It was so soothing and peace and I’ve never knew anything like that before. Could anyone tell me what it might have been?

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