Sometimes it is critical to ‘Let Things Go’

In order to grow as a person and derive our souls, we must Let Go of certain things. Please let me explain.

What I want by this is we often’ hang in’ to certain things from our past. It could be past hurts imposed onto us by others, man occasions that didn’t turn out how we wanted, meanings& impressions we view, and even our own mistakes and evils. We hang on to these things by over analysis and overthinking or excessive rumination; we must let go of this because it doesn’t provide us.

What if someone hurt you in the past? Now I are of course not justifying anyone’s poor behavior( or even insult ), but what good does it do to constantly “ve been thinking about” that years later. Maybe a partner misled on you and you are still hoping they feel regret for it year later. Maybe a teacher humiliated you in front of the class in position 2. What good is hanging on to that doing for you now?

What about your own mistakes and misbehaviors? Some people ruminate over their past with regret and reproach literally for a lifetime! While its certainly good to have genuine remorse for your mistakes and wrongdoings and not reiterate those same gaffes, it’s more effective support further progress as a better human being today rather than ruminating over the past. Some beings even repent in petition to God for years and years over the same occurrences. Repentance is good if you have contravened your own moral compass and you need to work through personal issues and character flaws, but do you really need to beg for forgiveness endlessly? Don’t you think God’ gets its’ by now? Sometimes such behavior is just artificial’ righteousnes signaling’ to originate us feel better.

The point is, at some spot we must just let go of things in order to evolve. Ultimately we must even let go of telling get-up-and-go( as that can be an attachment trap in masquerade ). Letting go allows us to experience true-life discretion as we are really letting become of restrictions and limitations.

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