The Lights

Let this be a guiding word A tender caress from a whispering friend Who sits ever by your line-up Contemplating your every smile, tear, feel and feeling Offering nothing but his love A affection so deep and so great That a hundred lights could fall to the bottom of the Ocean And he would dive to its darkest profundities to retrieve them Over and over Cherished beads of cheerfulnes and kindnes Gathered throughout the night That they may return to their source You, the one who granted them

In these hours ahead Look not to the sky for what will be But to your own noses, your own senses For in their own homes shines the world we know and dread And the chaos that the morning will bring A mumbled anthem That shakes the walls And fractures the hearts of those who hear it

A million tones shout in unison Echoing from the steely cliffs Dropping from the glooms to the billows below A howl chorus that will finally produce us dwelling To the shudder walls of paradise Ringing until the end

So hear the call of your friend that mumbles That he may bring your light from the deep And introducing it dwelling to rest That it may warm you until the end of all we accompany And give your grace the residence it deserves A rosy beacon in the ether A palace like no other

[ Sharing a content from without for those who are within. Ciao .]

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