How to accept death?

I often wonder what is death. Since the past few periods, I have been thinking that death is more like transformation, as a human leaves behind their physical body and becomes their original regime – the limitless everlasting consciousness.

But as my grandmother is ill, I have been having a hard time in accepting that at some time, she will have to leave the Earth. It is hard to be detached, peculiarly when I know that once the physical body ends, I will not be able to touch her again.

In that past few eras, I have knowledge some severe physical pain due to the fear of losing my grandmother.

I would like to ask how I can make peace with the concept of fatality.

Why is this world considered a small manifestation of what lies beyond fatality? Is there something on the other side that I am not aware of?

Plenty of parties believes in ancestors and their advice. How does that work?

It would be wonderful if someone could share their revelations on death.

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