Hey stranger, yeah you

Hey stranger..

I know you’re struggling and I feel your pain..

I know you’re in pain and I feel your suffering..

You’ve been spending all your time crying, waiting for change..

But when you think that change is coming, it’s abiding the same..

It’s like each time you fix things, more things break..

Losing touch with reality, everything there is seems fake..

You’ve tried a million times to find that peace for your mind..

But you can’t flee the noise, sometimes you even decide..

That maybe life-time “d be a lot easier if” you wasn’t alive..

But something still saves you now, some fragment of hope penetrating inside..

I only wanna let you know, that I’m now by your side..

Even though I don’t know you, I hope you’re alright..

I’m reaching out to you with love because I help how you are..

So stay strong, my distant stranger .. we’re gonna be fine .. x

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