I think I just astral projected and it was INSANE, giants????

So I don’t know if this was a lucid dream or a different type of astral aircraft but I need your help on what it was because it was fucking INSANE, I was absolutely conscious the whole time. While this was happening I guessed I was APing, and I did some reality checks.

Anyway, I was trying to have a day nap. Then all of a sudden my entire form was trembling, so I envisaged oh now we go again with all the stages for AP. But it was almost like I was sucked up straight away into another world bypassing all the stages.

I guessed I was in a paralysis, but I could move, although merely barely, I could move my whole mas but my leader was put to the pillow. I tried to wake up multiple times because I reviewed I was in some paralysis and nothing worked, I’d like move as much as I could to wake up like I generally would in a dream because my entirety living I’ve gotten vivid dreams each night and can always wake myself up from them. But anyway, I was like well I must be dead, then I had a realisation to just go with it and that Im probably astral projecting. So, I warped out of my figure, it was dark, very dark like it was night, I was flitting approximately. I open the door to go outside my apartment and everything had a real dark tone to it and was kinda blueish. I race downstairs to go outside in my backyard, delivering my 2 “cat-o-nine-tails” who I scared at first when they grasp me. I went outside and omg it was GORGEOUS. Everything had this real magical feelings for look to it, almost like it was straight out of a movie, “its like” I was on another planet. I try our best to fly but couldn’t take off, exclusively could flit or swim in a way, like as if it was low gravity. The sky was opulent, shooting stars everywhere, shit straight out of a metaphysical supernatural movie I can’t even begin to explain. In the far length there is indeed these things what looked like heavyweights, like big humans I don’t even know what they were. Wherever I was was so fucking beautiful I kinda teared up. I go onto the trampoline to jump up and down to cover some more air so I can be found in more of this crazy realm, then I woke up to my sister. But I’ve woken up so relaxed, and all up fortunate!

Sorry for the long ass announce, does anyone know if this was a lucid dream, or astral estimate? But maybe it was a different astral airplane? Because I know there’s the causal airplane, the astral airplane etc. but everything had a kind of darker, more blue-blooded sound to it. Outside though was just beautiful I can’t even justify, the stars, I construe everything, planets, some halo looking thing. Either way thank you for learning! I’ve woken up from it feeling insanely happy. HAVE an shocking date everyone much affection [?][?]

Edit: I forgot to add there was this real chill ass music I was hearing outside the whole time. Like really calming music you’d hear in the lord of the rings or something.

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