Your Ego is a Compass

Feel free to correct me as these are just my conceptions.

I envision a lot of instances where there’s a negative connotation towards ego and parties trying to completely dissolve their ego to reach a “higher level”. I feel like this approach is incorrect. As I’ve “ve learned to” disassociate myself from my ego and see it as an wholly separate entity, I noticed that same to how nature is non-dual, so is our ego. This entity is simply a compass to guide us towards a high quality of life once we learned how to use it accurately. It’s same to understanding the intent of a spear, you can use it to either concoct or harm and the route modern epoch society unintentionally utilizes it is for harm where in actuality, it can be used for good or edification.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that we should adoration our pride. We should affection how it has dished us and appreciate it to the highest standard like our baby& father. Thank it for being the rogue in guise and showing us that it is simply a barometer, a check instrument dawn, a tool to be used when things go astray. Ask for forgiveness for how “were having” villainized it and forgive ourselves for misjudging it.

For all things, espouse love.

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