Feeling lonely

I come from a christian home that is very involved with church, even during the pandemic where most services and occasions are online. I’ve been on my own spiritual route for a while and I is not merely don’t feel like talking to them about it, I feel like I can’t be completely myself with them.

Sad thing is, I feel very lonely ever since I selected this path because religiou at least gave me a sense of community, in spite of the fact that I never fit in and never discovered very good friends. My family remains recommending me to be going to church so I can “make friends” and I dislike it, I’ve never known very good friends and don’t contemplate I ever will, but how and where can I ever find beings anyway? Sometimes it may seem like my only choice is going back because I’m basically friendless and it feels highly lonely. It is moving me suspense the itinerary I decided to take and uttering me feel like i don’t fit in anywhere. I wish I knew what to do.

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