Looking At Objects in the Distance for Dry Eyes and Excessive Blinking?

Hello all,

I know the 20 -2 0-20 procedure is recommended to reduce eye strain and dry sees. But how about appearing “ve been staring at” objects far into the distance for elongated periods of times? For example, staring at a gloom for 1 minute+ several times over? Often I will do this without blinking and tears will start to produce. I find this can be helpful to slow down unwarranted blinking and may assist with my bake sees. Is there any evil in doing this for prolonged periods of time? Any evidence this can be helpful?

There’s an ancient reflection proficiency announced’ trataka’ which involves staring at a candle for long periods while snaps get caused. This is supposed to help with eye cases, though I don’t believe there’s any evidence to prove this. Any thoughts?


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