It’s my cake day and im over depression, just wanted to share my story and some advice (triggers ahead) (:

Wanted to share a bit of my narration, perhaps it’ll be of help to some people. So i was always a shy boy ever since I retain myself, when I got to middle school i started having depression it’s kinda slight at the beginning but went worse over the years, high school was even worse with my first suicide assault there. Felt like none was able to help me , no friends not family not therapist, i felt alone as if all the weight of the world was on my shoulders, being get tedious, felt like a downward coiling, couldn’t meet delight at all, everything felt meaningless.

Then I took a year for myself after highschool and was almost like I truly progressed, but then I got to the army( mandatory here) All progress I’ve had felt like was completely faded, i had my first panic/ tension affect, felt extreme emotions or complete numbness. Almost Second suicide attempt but I stopped myself before touching the provoke. Then i went to a brand-new therapist, a private one and after a few goes with him, i felt alive again.

I’m “re feeling better” than ever.

A few tips for anyone dealing with things, might not work for you

Whenever you feel forestalled about something meditate why you feel that path, maybe because its unjustified or something else and tell yourself it’s worng to think being should be fair, kinda callou to think this way but it helps for the exasperation so much.

You want to feel alive like you have control over your world, dont overthink substance, its a bad garb, like smoking, try to think exclusively about the moment. And I know very well it seems hopeless but it’s a skill you learn, if i administered everyone can.

I guess most people have low-pitched soul esteem with depression, like a container that comes together, so try and work on that, maybe affirmations is the way to go for you, maybe notes all over the place, look in YouTube for positive affirmations you’ll got something that suits you.

So much more i can’t write here so good luck everyone, believes in yourself, its worth living soul, don’t lose your one and only self.

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