What I’ve Learned of the Spiritual Path

Once you start on the move there is no turning around.

You will never be able to go back to where you formerly were.

The path ensure we continually step towards our lines moving and changing every single moment.

The path is intense. It will lead to pain and suffering as you abandon that which you formerly knew. It ultimately will lead to Serenity and DEEP INNER JOY but this is a routes down the move.

Everything will start to look differently to you formerly you start the path.

Truths will.be made obvious and you will wonder how you never noticed these things before.

Potential for Soul Connection/ Partner including information on the track. It will be another rebirth suffering then eventual enlightenment.

There will be clear signs all along the move and in retrospect we will find they were always there all along the way.

Blessings friends!

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