What does the universe trying to tell me? (Numerology, number 11)

The past few weeks have been the most dificult weeks of my life. A week and a half ago my grandpa died of covid, he was 98 years old, but still we weren’t expecting to lose him. My mom was with him his previous eras, but I had to stay home for my own safety, so I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye and I had to deal with this on my own, alone in my house.

A couple of days latter my mummy also tested positive for covid. We didn’t considered that she would have any complications but right now she is in the hospital fighting for her life. She is going to to be all right I is a well-known fact that, she is young and very strong, but still I cannot feel any of this is happening. My anxiety is over the roof, I haven’t been sleeping well and I’m bearly ingesting.

The other period I realized that I have been envisioning the figure 11 a great deal, like 6 times a day minimum, and I’m starting to wonder that is perhap the universe trying to tell me something. I started my spiritual outing a few years ago but over the last 6 months I haven’t been practicing my spiritually, I reflect perhaps the universe is trying to tell me to get back on my spiritually but I’m not sure.

I would really like to know what you think.

( I’m sorry for my bad grammar, english is not my mother tongue .)

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