Dealing with a life changing health problem at 26 years old. What spiritual practices do you recommend to help me get through this?

Hi all,

Please help as I’m dealing with a chronic health issue that is slowly reforming my life.

I have some sort of disease that is causing countless chronic ailments, including but not to restrict: see and hearing loss, Tinnitus, infections, rehearsal intolerance, headaches, insomnia, attitude ailments, fatigue, lots of abnormal laboratory results, immunodeficiency, feeling palpitations, liver matters, and on and on.

I think it is either Lyme disease, a parasitic infection, heavy metal poisoning, or some other undiagnosed infection as I was not always harmful( Healthy until 15 year olds then started getting sicker and sicker ).

I am still in the process of finding reacts and coming aid, but I wanted to post now because I’m looking for a spiritual pattern or suggestion to help me get through these goes. It’s very hard to live in the moment or even meditate right now, as whatever I have is greatly affecting my hormones and mental state.

That said, I am open to anything that may help. Or any profundity that can help me kind through this question and find some kind of guidance.

With love,


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