I have a very vivid “imagination”?

I can vividly imagine myself in various scenarios as if I am living in them, I can invoke different resonates and a range of express and faces that I made up as if I am actually in the smothers that I have created. I can feel things too sometimes, or if I imagine something is touching my leg it will blink or if I’m rolled on my line-up and imagine someone is beside me I can feel their presence.

Here is some background of my mental history

I have extreme social distres, hollow, mas dismorphia, and I often zone out when people are talking and get lost in my thinker , not just by daylight dreaming but by thinking and pre-preparing for my future mentally, etc. Sometimes I likewise get extremely overwhelmed and block parties out or hurriedly say yes before they can finish talking. I have a 4.0 in school, I are very well in class and am able to focus on my institution office but my life outside of that is full of disconcerting thoughts and complex imaginery scenes. I cuss I “ve written” over a million volumes in my head alone!

Am I experiencing some sort of mental disorder? It feels relatively quirky the more I compare myself to others.

I announced this on some mental health issues announces so some of this is more mental health but I have had numerous spiritual meetings and that first section are quite suspicious.

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