What are spirit animals really? And I met someone unfortunate…

I recently had an interaction with someone I dont trust, but they were telling me things about myself like so 😛 TAGEND

A fox inspected the neighborhood I was staying in. This negative people’ being animal was apparently ravens or crows, I cannot remember which. I can see yellowed auras over these fowls sometimes. I reminded them of lions and deers?

For your info, my Chinese zodiac is a tiger, mansion is yang, and my element is earth. My zodiac is gemini, and my ascedent and moon clue are virgo. I’m trying to interpret this knowledge but im unsure.

I’ve also heard about tons of angel figures from conversations with this negative person, specific 555, 111, and 888. However, this person lies and steals from me, so im unsure what’s candid. I need some opinion, I’ve been going through alot in a short amount of time

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