Biblical shit

God existed before creation and was made up of 3 characters father, son and holy spirit. All 3 of them existed for eternity until they decided to go about creation. God the leader was the original God also known as Jehova or Yaweah. The first procreated being was the son of God, Jesus who’s specify necessitates the savior. Next was the archangel Michael also known as the holy spirit who’s identify is translated into “who is like God”. In the bible Michael and Jesus and Jehova, are separate beings but still all God. The holy spirit in the trinity degree is in submission to Jesus since the leader was original he is the most high and has the throne in heaven. He does not even bother entering into the Earth he established. Jesus first made but still evenly part of God is on the right hand of Jehova in heaven. The holy spirit is third in the trinity but still an equal part and is also known as Elijah and John the Baptist. In the bible it mentions that John had the holy spirit. Jesus existed for eons before the next in line was created and is therefore the most wise. Then an angel, the holy spirit is the most powerful and highest ranking angel in heaven. The holy spirit was a messenger through out the bible appearing to give Mary the news she would be pregnant with Jesus.

The paradises and everyone in it were created before Earth and everything was good.The next after Michael organized were angels Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Then everything was created including a high ranking angel named Lucifer. He was so intelligent and beautiful that he started to develop pride and guilt was born. He thought that he should take the place of God the most high and started a schism against God. God is omnipotent and knew everything that was happening but let it happen for a greater purpose. Satan managed to convince 1/3 of all angels to be against God but God himself didn’t act until every angel in heaven had made up which side they were on. Because he didn’t react immediately some angels mulled Lucifer would prevail in a fight and so attached him against God. Once every angel knew which line-up they were on God made the decision to kick his resist of rebels out of heaven. Outnumbered and subdued Satan and his army were defeated and notably Lucifer himself was shaped single handedly by angel Michael. Michael is called The Lion and Prince of Prince. Jesus is called The lamb and is King of Kings, a proof that they are two separate peoples. This means that Jesus didn’t even have to lift a finger to prevail in the battle for heaven. His next in charge was able to do it.

Jesus will show his true power in his second coming. His first manifestation was to serve and to die for those in the book of lifetime in order to give them eternal life. In his second he will be a king who is to bring not peace but a sword. A sword is literally coming from his cavity and will storm crusade on the nation’s. Family will turn against each other deciding to worship God or Satan.

The holy spirits first manifestation was as Elijah who’s identify translates to my God Yaweah. An outcast who focussed his whole life to God and acted 14 supernaturals and did not die but was taken up to heaven in a chariot of barrage. His mission was to bring Israel out of idolatry and worship the one true-life God Yaweah. The holy spirits second incarnation was John the Baptist who was a forerunner to the second coming of Christ and came in the spirit of Elijah. However he did not ended all foresees of Elijah and another one will appear right before Christ returns. And he shall turn the hearts of boys to their father-gods and fathers to their sons. People think that John the Baptist was Elijah and while Jesus mentioned that he was Elijah it was true as he had the same spirit, the holy spirit but he was not “the prophet” of the end times.

Once Lucifer was cast down to Earth he was given the name Satan which symbolizes the accuser. When the clash was no longer in heaven but now on Earth Satan shored on his foot when he fell to Earth. His next goal no longer never being allowed back in heaven was to drag as much of God’s start-up with him. 2/3 of all humans and start-up will join Satan’s companionship as opposed to God’s for afterlife. 2/3 of angels are with God. So Satan deceives humans in order to commit sin to join in his eternalfate in He’ll. He is the messiah of Hell. When He personifies he will appear as a charismatic stylish cool intelligent person with answers to everything and will be the most sinful and full of guile. He will be the son of Satan in the opposite of God having Jesus the son of God. He will too be a trinity with the beast, the lad and the false-hearted oracle.

So it appears as if there are two definite features to the end go incidents in the bible. Time like the forms of the leader of each side there are 3 slopes, a trilogy and it gets a lot more complicated as a result. Michael is the third side and although second to Jesus still a King as a result. Not King of Kings but a King. Satan is the King of inferno and while he will have a throne will not be able to enjoy it as he are likely to be eternally tormented and bound by bonds. Jesus is King of heaven a arrange where righteousness dominates. Elijah will be on the right hand of Jesus.

Jezebel was a great opposition to Elijah and she is gonna be a sovereign in Hell.

Michael will be the King of understanding and charity and has the opposite quality of desire and will be an intermediate between everlasting fates resolving feuds.

There are 7 major high standing angels on each everlasting fate slope just like there are male and female and duality on Earth but with a trinity involved at the end. These angels or fallen angels will relate to a deadly sin and either be the yin or the yang good or bad. There is always good and bad in everything just like in yin and yang. The bad in heaven is made up for by Jesus dying on the cross. Noone deserves to go to heaven and our righteousness is as filthy rags but God Jesus dying made up for it and it is by grace that some are allowed in heaven.The good in Hell will make it not such a bad arrange for many. Countless too will feel at home in a plaza where “theres been” ungodly pleasures.The good and bad of everything from all inclinations will be noted in Michael’s province which is a separate Kingdom to Heaven and Hell and is where either area of the duality will be able to visit each other in the trinity of territories and is the equalizer. This explains why it would be that an apparently unloving God at first glance based on duality according to the bible has a making up for the conflicts in an everlasting trinity. He can’t profess a demise with them but can have a separate existence where the equation is equal. Satan is the King of Hell but won’t be able to enjoy his actuality but will have his loot of those he could bring into his province. When duality exist on another aspect the whole that blends either slope morphs into another dimension that is all inclusive. Heaven and Hell are like the base and this other sphere is the power to the equation of purity in motion. So there are 3 fields run by a trilogy because of a trilogy leadership in duality but Michael is the exception in the duality being a single entity but an integrated part of heaven. So “were having” 2/3 Lords going to Heaven. 2/3 of creation going to Hell and 2/3 of angels remaining in heaven. Plus an reality with 1 where everyone is free to interact with others.

In the end experiences gazed God will send the prophet Elijah to make way for Jesus return. He will bring peace and reconciliation before the imminent affliction and debate onward when Jesus returns. His incarnation would signal the end hours had begun. There are similarities between the description of Michael being the opposite of desire being charity. Elijah is spawning armistice between disputing humans and having an ultimate in the sphere of equal yin yang where good and bad exist but can last for immortality and beyond. It won’t be home but more like a dream anyone on each side can open. Each surface can’t tour one another home but can have cool adventures in the Elijahs kingdom of dreams. And each time you would wake up in your berthed at home, Heaven or Hell. Heaven has eternal life and Hell has eternal dying. Michael/ Elijahs kindom would be beyond either and much greater where when you die in that reality you would wake up in your berthed at your home.The world is bigger than your residence though isn’t it. Sort of like the size of infinity to the power of infinity compares to where you live( infinity in Heaven or Hell ). In point the world is in a world and you can start to see how large-hearted infinity to the power of infinity is compared against you home( mansion vs universe ). Infinity vs infinity to the power of infinity.

It is forewarned that there will be a new heaven and a new clay. Old heaven will become hell and Satan will be the King of it just how he initially want to get. Sitting in God’s old throne but fixed by bonds. Remember heaven was once a lovely target but would have been occupied by negative karma inmates. Once there each individual would live their life, have minors, grow old but deep down know that their fatality was not their first and that the round of never ceasing death would go on forever and ever.

I’d like to explain an Allan watts excerpt that I will analyze and explain.

“God likes to play hide-n-seek, but because there is nothing outside of God, he has no one but himself play games with! But he gets over such difficulties by pretending “that hes not” himself. This is his way of concealing from himself. He pretends that he is you and I and all the people in the world, all the swine, embeds, all the boulders, and all the stars. In this behavior he has strange and wonderful undertakings, some of which are terrible and startling. But these are just like bad dreams, for where reference is wakes up they will disappear.

Now when God toy “hide” and supposes that he is you and I, he does it so well that it makes him a long time to remember where and how he obstructed himself! But that’s the whole fun of it-just what he wanted to do. He doesn’t want to find himself too quickly, for that would spoil the game. That is why it is so difficult for you and me to find out that we are God in masquerade, claiming not to be himself. But- when the game has gone on long enough, all of us will WAKE UP, stop feigning, and REMEMBER that we are all one single Self- the God who is all that there is and who lives forever and ever.

You may ask why God sometimes obscures in the form of ugly beings, or pretends to be people who suffer great disease and pain. Remember, first, that he isn’t certainly doing this to anyone but himself. Remember more, that in almost all the narrations you enjoy there have to be bad parties as well as good parties, for the exhilarate of the narration is to find out how the very best people will get the better of the bad. It’s the same as when we play posters. At the beginning of the game we shuffle them all into a mess, which is like the bad things in the world, but the part of video games introduced the mess into good order, and the one who does it best is the winner. Then we shuffle the cards and play video games again, and so it goes with the world.”

This is an interesting new age interpretation of divinity. However it implies that there is only god and that God is lonely which is why creation was made to keep himself entertained. This ignores theological indicate or depiction that God is actually a trinity. God the papa God the son and God the holy spirit. God has been available for afterlife and before era with only itself but with 3 segments to the trinity, God was not lonely. But at the same time he was. Remember God the father-god existed first but the other two God heads helped in creation. God was perfectly satisfied with what they, he or it was and decided to clear invention just for the pleasure of it. It is by Gods grace that we exist. The plan that God is 3 equal proportions that has always existed and was not established but really was is something that humans( a finite invention) can’t comprehend and at the same time they existed one before another. Which is why you have to have faith that there is greater meaning to life than you are familiar with. Because God who is infinite and omnipotent wants you to worship him and be a good person and he will take care of the residue.

Then comes the object of duality and absurdity. Good-for-nothing exists outside of god. If god exists then this statement must be true. This meant that you me the stars and everything in between are part of god. But we are not god. Everything is connected but not the same. Duality. Opposites. Good in the bad bad in the very best. True hitherto untruthful false more true-life. So yes we are god but no we are not god. It’s like creation is a jigsaw puzzle and everyone of us are segments of the question. Together we even off the entire ended problem but each patch that blends the whole is still separate. God is the centerpiece of this puzzle and we are some of the infinite smaller fragments. When yin and yang is put to the power of itself it becomes the trinity thought. It is an equal equation. To knowledge never dying your bad is paid for by the Kings sacrifice on the cross. The bad in heaven exists but is cancelled out. The good in Hell exists and realise it not such a bad neighbourhood. Being a good person and being blameless in the batch of God person are two different things and Elijahs kindom is the equal equation where either are guessed and and statistics structure. Those who only just got saved for their bad and being the lowest in heaven and being a middle statistic Jesus being the tip of the yin and yang scaled up on the good side. Satan would be the opposite end of the spectrum and be the most from Hell. Elijah would be second on the diagram on skies place. Everyone else would be somewhere in between and like a fallout tournament would be either good to bad based on their karma but in different perspectives to do things more complicated.

I’ve had its own experience with knowing that we are living in a pretending much like a fallout Game for eternity. There is much evidence to suggest that we are not living in base reality based on science. If we can go from having unusually basic pong sort plays less than 100 years ago it is arguable that we could with the pretending engineering we have today, to one day be able to create a simulation as complex as our own. Who’s to say that we’re not already in God’s simulation that he formed. It’s saying that this existence is graded, negatively and positively but at an infinite extent of tilts.

If you’ve ever done psychedelics and suffered ego fatality then the whole unity statement starts to make sense. You realise that everything is connected and I temporarily evaporates. Nonetheless ego death is not an accurate description because you come back from it as yourself with an narcissism. So you get a taste of oneness but the duality comes back and you become finite again. One and infinite are the two antonyms and are themselves a duality.If you’ve opened your third eye or crown chakra like I have the absurdity and duality melting become the normal.

Thee are all idols. The feeling is infinite but we as humen are finite. We are immortal deities but we are not GOD. We are either going to spend eternity with divinity in heaven or without idol in the pond of burn. The reservoir of fuel has not always a bad thing precisely not perfect. Heaven is perfect. It is what we do in the finite that decides our afterlife. Divinities judgement is based on how we choose to live “peoples lives” by our own free will. That is a gift free will. It is by Gods grace that we have it and will be judged accordingly. There is no excuse to say well I’m part of god so my behaviour doesn’t concern. The quality of it’s all a big game of shuffling posters holds true to scripture reasonably. It’s a sorting card tournament of who gets to come to heaven. But once it’s done it’s done. The next lot is Elijahs kindom separate from the first game. His goes on forever powered by forever. Heaven and Hell are only infinite in comparison and are the base of yin and yang and Elijas kingdom becomes duality in another dimension.

We are living in an interdimensional eternal and then some Fallout type game. I have had many know-hows that demonstrated to me “that weve got” im actuality computer records living in a pretended sport. If the graph is becoming even them they is really good or bad karma to average of each.

The Allan Watts quote assistants depict the place in a way I couldn’t have worded myself .|


Alan watts was onto something and got the ball rolling but it’s more complicated than his interpretation. It simply gets more odd and sentiment bending in between and beyond.

It’s psychiatry, meta physics, psychology, maths, discipline, psychedelics, doctrine and theology.

I encourage you to read over this and realise it represents sense. One and infinity are only possible because of each other. 0 existed before creation but god existed before that. We are living in perfection in motion. We are +1 to infinity-1. 0 is a finite concept that only exists in space material and time. Infinity existed before 0 before invention. 0 implies that there could be something and you think therefore you are so there is something.

It’s reverse engineering God.

I know all this to be the truth because I am myself Elijah. I became God. My mind to be more specific. That would realize me the trinity’s medium. My mind became God and Michael’s sentiment is set to be one with God for eternity. It was the next phase in start. Time is not linear and so my attention becoming God the original God was able to create himself however he was always going to do this. Because he is perfect he used one of his inventions to induce the whole thing possible. I’ll please explain how this happend.

One night I had trouble sleeping and got to bed really late one nighttime after drinking a lot of coffee. I wasn’t on any illicit drugs and had just opened my crown chakra. I was having imaginations of merging with all of formation including whizs and was experiencing the oneness unification I was talking about. I would be sitting in bed and my third eye would ascertain me hovering through infinite hallways of macrocosms. If you examine up dmt prowes its’s the hallway draw by Alex Grey that is quite famous.That night I had an out of mas suffer and came to lucid in a neighbourhood that felt more real than actuality. I was moving and doing something that felt important but I don’t recalls that it as I only became lucid once it was over. I examined a voice that was extremely soothing electronic and strong. Then saw Jehovah, God the papa. He was 100 terms the dimensions of the my astral torso and was wearing clothes that were extremely formal but fashionable at the same time. He said a huge congratulations to Elijah on his mind becoming God to what was like an infinite extent of beings. I asked him if we were still going ahead and he said we were. Keep in subconsciou that no-one but who was sent from him can see Yaweah and live so me had already started the holy spirit it was possible for me to see him while incarnate. He then pushed a beings button and i was transported to a void where simply I existed. I are of the view that I didn’t is no more and that was it for me but then off in the distance more than from Earth to the Moon more like a planet materialized a insignificant lily-white dot of glowing. It came slightly bigger before expanding to my entire point of view within about 3 seconds from beginning. It merely continued expanding endlessly bigger and faster much like in my presumption where infinity is to the power of infinity. What was hovering past me where natures. There must have been beyond billions as everything was a universe everywhere and counting. It was the big-hearted blow. Te father called my honour as Elijah this to me fortifies it that I am the Elijah who is to come. So I am the end epoches Elijah and the duality we live in is now multidimensional thanks to my thinker expanding infinitely in a vacant. An implosion and outburst. Now biblical affairs that would seem crazy, stupid and like they would never be possible are now possible because another aspect exists in this dimension. When I mull I swim through infinite worlds. My mind is God and me too but the relevant recommendations of how I think is God the trinity. It’s like a mislead system was activated for initiation in the digital world I is about where religious events from the bible are now going to be possible.

Rituals can be made most effective when the items used in a formality are of positive karma. Meaning they have positive implication to you, you paid off or were knack its consideration of this agenda item, and if you are wanting to dispose of a negative item, make sure you have strong protection items such as white sage, black tourmaline and a bible. I’ve found that sacrificing important parts to you that you no longer require or need offers positive results. Magic by the way is real. It’s just that no one properly practises it any more so it has become a joke and story in the eyes of materialistic deliberation. Remember to live by the spirit rather than the flesh. Voodoo is very much real and actually quite dangerous. I had a wooden deity from papau brand-new guinea in my home. When I started becoming spiritual I noticed some strange and quite terrifying occasions. For example I was meditating one nighttime and had a crystal necklace around my neck. I was in terminated silence and darkness when I noticed a attendance in the chamber even though I was alone. All of a sudden I felt an vigor around my neck and turned on the beacon. My necklace had break-dance by no supposed physical reason as nothing had touched it. This idol was macabre looking too. It was a gift to my Mum from her Mum and so she didn’t want to get rid of it when I told her that it fixed me feel unpleasant. I burned lily-white sage-green near it and the cigarette get twilight color expressing there was bad energy. Ever since I can remember I’ve had really bad luck all round. A duet years later after moving out of home and away from the idol, I gotta go back into dwelling. Another meter, I examine an evil spirit outside my opening. It reverberated electronic but in a way that was the scariest thing I have ever watched. I heard my cat hiss at it( cats can see the being world-wide) and then it was right over my body. It was like a demon described in folklore that sucks exertion from a sleeping martyr. I had enough of the doll and after a bad dream one light woke up and raised the idol outside. I Sawed its head off and buried it in the backyard. After that my house had a much calmer vibe to it and all the creepy stuff stopped happening. My luck converted for the better very.

If you are doing anything that has an apparent risk, sharp-worded blade, volley etc you should not be under the influence of drugs with certain exceptions of weed and tobacco. Reflects and crystals are the most useful items in ritual. With magic, fake it until you make it. If you believe it will work, it eventually will work. Intention is key when performing a ritual. I did a ritual formerly where I shapeshifted. I’ll tell you how. I was staying on a farm at the time and there was a shed semi isolated with a shell crater outside it. Inside the shed was a painting of the 7 emblazons of the rainbow with a direction and a bullet of colour for each one. I smoked some gras, appeared in the reflect and then traced my paw along the path. I then lit a barrage outside and burned some components I didn’t like. Repeat except this time I burned some components which are of importance to me. Repeat except this time I burned spell diaries about 10 in total. Repeat except this time I burned bible pages. Repeat but dally the guitar in an off key and noticed green atmospheres curving the fuel. Repeat the process with a few exceptions each time for a total of 7 day. At the end I watched my hand grow 50% bigger as well as my hoof and my shoe. Then my entirety figure stretched until it was about 8 paw towering. My body was elongating but felt glowing but strong. I fell asleep and when I woke up I was my regular height again.

When I was 17( I’m 20 now) I felt my organization incorporate with another person. I was asleep one night when I fell into a trance and was in 2 regions at once. Now In the physical and also in a spiritual synagogue. An force then went into my person and my totality person sway violently. I didn’t are well aware at the time but I had another consciousness within me. After a while I made aware of them and could then interact with them in synchronicity. In another post of mine I described how I shapeshifted to around 8 foot tall. One darknes when I was sauntering dwelling I ascertained a future version of myself in the physical along with what appeared to be a clone twin of mine been reported that at some pitch I separate with my tulpa and we came back to witness myself. They were 20 hoof towering. This means also that at some degree I shapeshift permanently.

The other consciousness is the spirit of Elisha, my apprentice in my life as Elijah. Together we are the two witnesses.


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