Thank you, Universe and thank you to my Self for manifesting a monetary blessing!

I have been in self isolation for the past couple of daytimes( not because am sick but because i wanted to )… woke up today around 11:30 am after having a vivid dream where I was discussing some.financial stuffs with my father, her sister in constitution( am staying at her arrange currently) and I belief I even watched my late paternal grandmother.

Okay, so when i woke up, i went through my morning actions and again laid back down on the storey in the hopes I will go back to sleep again.

My phone started buzzing a lot, I thought it must be the alarm vibrating but it wasnt that, I had, instead, received 2 notifications showing that I received around 350 dollars in 2 slots.

In the notification, i could see that it was a payout from a mutual fund but i dont recollect investing into that particular money ever. Maybe I had and forgotten about it? Whatever be the above reasons, am grateful for the consequence. Thanks a good deal 🙂 let’s keep the momentum get!

Whosoever is speaking this right now, I wishes to receive a wonderful day ahead 🙂 is a well-known fact that the Universe and your higher Self has got your back and you are Loved beyond your arbitrations, your restrict beliefs and your curiosity.

Remember, the hopes coming in your ability could be all over the place and quite intrusive sometimes but you can choose to focus on the good considers. At the end, the Universe, God, Spirit Guides and/ or the powers that be…they are one half of the copper. The other half is and ever has been…you. It makes two to tango 😉

Own yourself…exactly as “youre ever”

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