Seeing a guy exactly two months later on the 15th of feb. & April! Number 15 meaning??

Hello all! I mutually terminated things with this guy I was dating on February 15 th and 2 month precisely I insure him on April 15 th and it was the first time I actually talked to him because we aimed things over the phone. Although, two weeks after we terminated things, I was outside with my friends and Right as I brought up his list to talk about him, he guided in his car and said hi in passing … that was crazy. He likewise doesn’t live on campus and all of our class are online so it’s pretty rare to see him. Last semester I barely attended him. Anyway i see him again on the 19 th a few cases dates after Which was completely by chance and we chit-chat and it was nice! in the beginning of april, I Likewise had a dream where Someone said something good is going to happen in five days. Nothing specially stunning happened but I am recognizing the 5 again. Any guess on what this entails? I feel nothing is a coincidence but I can’t appear to Put anything together…

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