Spiritual space connection?

Has anyone ever looked at the moon or the stars, and it felt like they were attracting you? Almost like, the longer you “ve been looking for” and are concentrated on them it feels like your descending. I haven’t knew this precise feeling since late last year, but one light I was stargazing with my family( I’ll try my best explaining I’m bad at this) and I be concentrated on how the Moon is being held by the Earths gravitational draw. Then on how the earth is spinning constantly and rotating around the sun to keep life in repetition. That’s when I had this unexplainable is of the view that scared me so much better I had to find sanctuary or something to keep me from “drifting” off into space. As crazy as this sounds I could feel the earth spinning and My whole body was tingling but It wasn’t a bad feeling it felt astonishing, I feel really devastated by the feeling it “ve been given”, like I could of wing into space. Since then I have tried “connecting” with the stars on any clear light we get but it’s never felt as strong as before. Any similar events or provide answers to what perhaps that is or do?

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