How to be Present, Innovative and Make a Difference in the World (Diary of a Soul Reader & Artist)

Creativity and spirituality are intertwined…

Creativity is …

For me, being innovative represents perpetually challenging myself to explore new frontiers, develop talents, dally, dream and live fully in the present. Creativity facilitates one be present and in the moment. When you’re creating you’re not in your president. Taking action can get you going and feels intense and amazing.

How can being creative make a difference in the world?

Art, artists and all inventive beings can learn people that there is a greater purpose in living beyond time living: there is the possibility of creating something just so beautiful, reviewed eliciting, intelligent, funny, magical that one can touch beings on a someone level and modification their life. The nature can become a better place for everyone in the process; people can come together in peace and love to appreciate all the arts. Art can help us care about life, make it worth living, and make it worth fighting against the things that matters.

Art reminds us that we have a soul.

Art reminds us to laugh at ourselves.

Art shakes us out of our complacency.

Art wakes us up to our potential.

Ar reminds us to live each instant in the present.

Art is life.

Creative People I admire and why

Margaret Atwood: splendid, jumpy, chewing humor, environmentalist, huge scribe working with integrity, reaches me laugh and wince.

Maude( from the movie’ Harold and Maude ‘): huge defend spirit, enthusiastic, young at heart, astonishing residence( a railway car ), vivaciou, daring and loving.

Contemporary Japanese woodblock printmakers: their prowes is abstract, sort based, streamlined, textural, primitive seem, graphic, daring yet slight, beautiful give of complexion. Masters: Shiko Munakata, Naoko Matsubara

Success is …

– Knowing there are new territories to explore every day – being alone with one’s thoughts and creating – facilitating others through sharing, adoring, kindness, compassion and insight.

Integrity is …

– Making a difference in people’s lives through organizing, writing and sharing with nature, soul, instinct, heat and intelligence.

My Story

I have always been involved in the inventive skills: decorating, outlining, spawning music, writing, journaling, dancing and have engaged these joys with much severity and focus, often elevating my own firm to anyone else. Being innovative opened a door for me into the world of imagination.

At thirteen I began a dream journal which have contributed to me connect with other worlds and realms of consciousness. I “ve learned” to trust and request dream guidance for the important questions in my life.

In my early twenties I was guided towards meditation to further my spiritual seeking and witnessed a class led by a wonderful teacher called’ Om’ who had been trained by the guru, Sri Chinmoy. I continue to practice meditation along with yoga, dream journaling and artistic showing and this forms the basis of my intuitive and spiritual developing. Because I have learned how to access and trust my inner voice and sees I am able to connect with the Divines.

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