I just actually realized this experience isn’t external

I’ve been into spirituality for a marry “years time”. For a long time, I’ve been really beating myself up over not doing spiritual things that I supposed would attain me happy( meditating, say metaphysical books, practicing tarot, etc .) And I hope that this next part starts gumption, but I realized that I’m not happy because I’ve been looking at all of those things as outside of me. Not me, but part of this world that was going on outside of me. Not actually connecting with anything because I’ve been viewing it all outside of me. Not just those spiritual things, but everything. My rapports, my job, everything. Today I realized that all of those things are inside me. This entire reality is inside me. Meditating brings you inside yourself, you can experience the entire world by just going within yourself. I was shooting those “spiritual highs” when all I needed was to look inside. I honestly don’t know how to position any of this into statements, but I felt oneness shower over me. I merely thought I would share in case even precisely one person can gain something from this. Love to all

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