feeling odd

Hello. During the past year, i have decided to start mediating and are concerned with quartzs. a few weeks ago i tried opening my pineal eye and such. i went to see my boyfriend the weekend following that week. on the way home, i had an odd feeling that i was going to die. it reverberates curious but only hear me out. while i was coming home, i take the itinerary i always give, but i forgot to take a turn that lead me home and my gps cut off right before that. i used maintained proceeding straight. but as soon as i elapsed the come on. i started feeling excessively peculiar. like tingles and such. “ive heard” a swooning tone say “no wreck. you did not die.” anyways, i keep driving and end up going through a small town i was not familiar with but it still lead me home. i get home and my boyfriend casts me a screenshot of the story. in that screen shot, there was a head on conflict on the road i was supposed to turn down at the time i would have been on it. i talked to my mothers about it and they told me it was God transporting me a content, but “i m just not” religious nor do i associate myself with their religion. i genuinely believe that i was some other spirit that kept me from making that turn and that said what i heard. is it wrong to think that it was someone other than God? what are y’all’s believes about this. should i consult my tone guidebook and try to talk to them? if so, how would i go about talking to them?

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