What if the “The interpretation of Desire Concept” of Christianism and Buddhism were both wrong and taking us away from “Paradise or Nirvana”?

It made me many years to find its response to Buddha’s teach which considers want as one of the main obstacles on the way to Enlightenment. What if we had missed the place, trying to define what is “Desire” and which ones are good or bad, instead of, what happens when we “want” some? When we want we project ourselves in the future, right? If the Paradise or the Nirvana can only be reached by being in the present, every times we want some, we step out of Eden. Eve and Adam ostracized themselves by desiring the fruit , not by eating it. We would have to stop to Want, to Desire to be able to suspend Time and BE in Eternity! TO BE OR NOT TO BE Shakespeare knew !!! What if ????

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