Feeling broken since waking up

I had a spiritual rousing last year and it was bliss, but since then I have been living in huge melancholy. My anxiety is through the ceiling, I don’t understand society. I went in a relationship reasonably fast and it was amazing for her to then merely abruptly leave, She affection bombarded me but it has drawn it all SO much worse. I don’t know what the future is gonna bring, I don’t know what to do. I see nothing. I’m in this void. I feel like an drain eggshell. I don’t want to do anything and don’t appreciate a way out. I’m drinking. I’ve stopped looking after myself. I nearly wish I never woke up. I can’t shake this hollow, this aching, the anguish is unbearable. I feel so lost and alone like I’m merely going through this life carrying so much pain in my soul. I can’t connect, I try. I watch no merriment. I visualize no exemption. I realise no object. I don’t recognise myself. I feel very unwell.

Will this to be all right? Or do I leave? Because I’m starting to think this life really isn’t for me anymore.

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