shadow work integration & PTSD

The past year and half( since is starting covid) i’ve been rehearsing daily musing, disappearing deeper into spirituality and began care. Last-place week during one of my discussions i had a breakthrough. I was able to talk about painful childhood experiences in depth with my healer. There was so many affections that came spate out. After that hearing i spent the past week reverberate and journaling. I have always heard the term ” shadow work”, and felt like i was doing it accurately until i absolutely been set up an perspective of myself and past that felt like never before. I was able to reflect back to my childhood in hopes of finding and constricting down certain blueprints, triggers, and estimates. With doing so, I witnessed so much clarity, more was devastated with so many excitements crying off and on for about 3-4 epoches.

I felt like this would be a good home to discuss, and kind of find a way to connect and understand difference of opinion on this subject, and how dark piece and C-PTSD connect, and how or if others have known this feeling of ” clarity and yet simultaneously a sense of uncomfortability.”

It’s like i had so much shit piled up in a locked closet, and than indeed reform and opening up about these past aspects of myself and diving into them opened the door and it all came scrambling down on me. And now, that i’m sitting in this messy pile, i am trying to put together/ organize the stuff, and feel like i am getting on a roll with it, but still that feel of “am i just looking too deep into things? am i going crazy? am i doing this correctly? “

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