I’ve been seeing a lot of angel numbers recently..

Lately I ought to have construing ladens of angel multitudes. I have seen 1111, and the angel quantities commencing from 111 all the way up to 777. I’m really lost though, and “ve no idea” why my life is suddenly being so filled with angel crowds on a daily basis? This might chime mysterious, but sometimes I feel as though my thought is just being trained to look at the time at these eras. But that still doesn’t explain why I envision angel figures elsewhere too.

I’m not sure how these quantities instantly relate to my life, so I was just thinking of perhaps trying to meet with my spirit templates requesting them to for help and guidance on this? The question is, I don’t know how to do this and quite frankly I’m a bit scared to.

If anyone has any tips on how I can figure out what these angel amounts mean for me/ how I can go about meeting with my flavour templates, I would really appreciate the assistance!< 3

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