I have some serious questions and it might sound crazy but I’m actually sane.

Please bear in mind my English is not perfect and I’m absolutely being serious. some things will seem by crazy or annoying but by no means I’m trying to label my own experience on everyone or realise hard statements of truth but my own experience and questions. I accept I’m being targeted by some entity or something is affecting my overall life, wellbeing Nd consciousness. I have understood healer and have been told I don’t have schizophrenia and I can separate world from story …. I feel like I’m under some force of forceful or astral manipulation. I could feel and separate different consciousness, some are really feel like I have Multiple Personality Disorder but I don’t. I knowledge exhorts and needs but I know it’s not my own. I scarcely can go into details but I know I ordinarily don’t actually feel. I are happy to just be ..? and be present and those times I could knowledge multiple things happening at the same time. One consciousness envisaging afar, the other talking and too understanding different things. I had physical onrushes like I felt my middle hastening virtually dying, so serious….then I moved to a different apartment and it has dropped..I just checked to make sure so I marched back where I was and I felt the same thing. So I walked away and had to wait a while to just….be safe…..same with these consciousness….it may seem like if I move around, brush off “energy” like a defect or something I feel a change , like things re different so I’m pretty sure it’s not MPD like I can only swap because someone is coming in or out the room or I touch my form now or there things only reform. I think it’s something paranormal which I can’t describe better. I’ve exhaust months , to analyse. I’ve also ability things that aren’t there like …. something is allowing me or not to write or share my experiences. If I go against it’s will people around me gets hurt or abused by this unknown entity. I had fucking really through this for about 3 years since the first know-how …. I’ve interpret entities and my perception was more … powerful….I had also announces where there were some strange noises too…the other person on the line with her sister sweared the government has seen something completely back in the room. Never have ever seen things or so and I utterly belief them because same entity I could separate from mine. I likewise had an experience with the same person again where we both slumber together and I woke up earlier than she did. I actually fall back to sleep but….I was in her dream. I could tell that it wasn’t mine but hers and I was fully aware that where I was and what I was doing. I helped her during the dream only to realise that it was wrong, because we each have the responsibility of our own swelling and there are no shortcuts and I’m not meant to solve others problems so nothing is truly deepened …. regardles formerly she woke up I told her about her dream and she fortified it’s true-life. I’ve fill countless parties I also fulfilled for some reason they had to hear a word from above. They were in tears and burst after but because of the force has been lifted. I had same experiences since 15 years and met countless people who could confirm that there is something going on. I’m not sure myself and have been trying to understand. I know there are good forces out there but I feel like being controlled. I know I’m not myself, I feel like I’m being drained….my memories…my ardours even my thinkings are being sucked away…..I have reflects vanishing nd barely can cancel … I know I have similar knows like MPD but the more I read and research the more or these things exist and pop up as new trying to form me believe something that isn’t true. Many of these evidences nevrr happened then I haven’t read them. This thing is evolving or draw lessons from me. I know it’s the most logical reason because I had been really give attention and even if they are I try my best I feel like there is a person now who might provide help. If you don’t believe me that’s fine. I think it’s not normal that my machines run out of batter being blamed at 30% …. I literally had witnessed these things and I use the same usb cable for months, up to this day with no problems, yet it has happened. I try to figure out all this mess and what all this has to do with Mr and what’s the most logical explanation….I have had a lot of spiritual suffers since I was a kid and evidenced a lot of good things and had been part of many great things but my last few years is mint like hell nd I know I’m “different” because there are terms I’m off the shoring and can meditate and breathe. I know I’m being controlled and are influenced by something I’m not well understood but it’s not normal….I also knew head ache like a boomerang….I could literally get rid of it but remained coming back…it wasn’t my own headache it doesn’t emerge and disappear in instants switching in and out…like I had to move again and investigate for myself again it’s something playing with me…I do have headaches obviously but I take a painkiller and it takes about a half an hour to to be all right, but his…..few seconds sting and also feel like it’s somewhere around he room around my person or somewhere it’s not actually there but still … Fading in and out….I don’t know what to do or how to solve all this mess which I actually tried to reach out amd terminated up writing all these whole lot non sense….I time hope a person is perform some ability out of it …. I know there are others out there who knows the truth and don’t think of me crazy and I know it’s not the wisest of me to go into plenty of details but I’m in danger and likewise others in my life and first time I don’t know how it works to handle this situation…how to get rid of evil…I had pushed evil before but his is unnatural..is something else …. it’s bugging me because ordinarily things obey free will but this thing doesn’t! Which is quite interesting because you can’t bypassed settles such as karma and free will to be respected but this thing doesn’t

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