In need of Advice

Ever since starting my various kinds of spiritual awake I obviously feel like my life has gone better. I have gained a lot of self introspection and awareness. I have a few problems though. I am an extreme empath and I feel so sad and other people sufferings really make me feel so bad, which is hard to escape. One other thing about my spiritual arouse is the fact that it has lead me to extreme existentialism, I often “ve been thinking about” how immaterial I am or how we are all living a life that is full of nonsense we can’t genuinely verify. I likewise fear conversion and get really sad that nothing in my life will previous forever and it scares me. I feel lonely sometimes and caught up in the flow of national societies which i’m powerless over. I know one day everything will workout, but I feel agitated almost everyday. I am enrolling a part of life full of change, I will be moving far away and away from my family and friends and everything I is currently working by myself. I want to know how to stay anchored and too how to cope with my heavy excitements that make me feel so anxious. I’m trying to remain faithful and believe that there is a plan for me, but even this scares me as there’s some kind of plan that maybe I don’t have restraint over. I’m sorry for the ranting 🙁 but any suggestion should be most grateful!

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