Decision Guidance

Hi, I’m brand-new here. And with that I’ve gone from my ignorant and asleep mood to a deeper sense of spirituality and lust for learning, so basically I’m confused as hell. I trust that most things will work themselves out if I keep going on this path. I feel this to be true and have been previously knew synchronicity and other small signeds that I’m doing well. But my question is, how can I incorporate this to life decisions? Nothing too big but for example we are considering getting a puppy. There’s a logical and responsible aspect to this decision, but some is left up to the universe/ God claim? So how do I know if I’m compiling the right decision? Not merely whether we should or not, but what kind of dog, when, and if that special pup is the right kind?

This is just an example, so in general, how do you know if you are stimulating the claim decision? Ask for a indicate? Meditate on it? Something else I’m missing?

Thanks for helping out a confused newb!

* revised to correct my very poor grammar

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