To perceive the Truth requires the understanding of the false

To perceive the Truth asks improved understanding of the false.

~ J. Krishnamurti.

You don’t identify the false by matching it with your conception of the spuriou. The fraudulent is identified by what it does to you.

How do you know it is false? If it unsettles you, if it leads to disquiet, it is false. If it needs protection, if it involves security, it is’ False.’ Falseness has to be understood in the context of your nature.

Your nature is to be careful and whatever asks care from you, is bound to be false.

Your nature is loosening and hence whatever asks a lot of doing from you, is bound to be false. Your nature is faith and hence whatever will challenge a lot of testing and verification is bound to be false. Your nature is trust that arises from that faith and hence whatever frames you in the situation of doubt, is bound to be false. Your nature is peace and hence whatever, should contribute to an internal derangement, an internal illnes is bound to be false.

In short-lived, anything that should contribute to mental excitation is bound to be false. That’s how you know the false. And that is why the truth cannot become aware, because the apparatus that you use for knowing is the mind and if it arouses the sentiment, it is false.

Hence, the Truth cannot be known, because the Truth will never create ripples.

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