The best way to relate to someone

If you relate to someone without any particular reason or role or motivating , nothing is more wonderful than that. You are already full and therefore you don’t have a specific motive in unite to the other. Why are you connecting to the other? Just for enjoyable. No special ground. What’s the relationship all about? Nothing in particular. It merely is. “Its the best way” to relate.

However if you feel internally imperfect then very there is a great way to refer. The path is– “I relate not to hide my incompleteness but to treat my incompleteness.” Even this is alright.

What was the most efficient way? “I am already alright and I am pertaining with no motive no intention.” The next best is , “I know I am not alright, I feel I am not alright, therefore, I relate with the intention to be alright.”

But largely, we refer in a third course, that is – “I am not alright and I pertain with the other to hide my incompleteness, sickness, illnes, hollowness, all that.”

Trying to gain closeness with people of high attainments, hoping that the association would grant you your desires is bondage. This happens in our social relationships. This happens in our families, my best friend cliques. Regrettably, this happens also in our more intimate affairs — our so-called love affairs.

You do not go to the other to regenerate yourself or to heal the other. The aim is to use the other to forget your problems and afflictions for a while.

So most of our relationships are captivities because they do not exist for the reason of our fullness. They exist for the reason of our incompleteness.

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