I had one of the most cathartic experience last night.

I had a very long meditation session last darknes, and aimed up praying to my higher soul before berthed. I’ve been suffering and harbouring onto baggage that didn’t act me different purposes. I’ve been trying to move forward, but had made a plateau in my expedition.

I then had the most cathartic dream. I relieved all that is I couldn’t let go of( duplicity from a past tie-in, infancy trauma, etc) in a “life flashing before your eyes” sequence. I felt like I was constantly drifting in and out of consciousness, knowing everything with ended patrol. I then was taken to a land where 6 swords were struck into my chakras, the seventh sword held in my hands.

I awoke at this point and was sweating, crying and felt so much relief. I “ve never” knowledge something like this in my life. I feel so much freedom and relief. I decided to do an extended fast to keep this momentum.

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