weird dreams about my ex?

so my ex break up with me roughly three weeks ago. and every single day since we broke up, he’s been in my dreams. for some context, i NEVER remember my dreams. it’s so uncommon when i got do recollect them and i don’t remember ever dreaming about a humiliate or suitor before. and from what i remember, i don’t even really ever dream about people other than myself and sometimes my best friend. degree is, i rarely remember my dreams and i never ever dream about someone i have romantic those who are interested in. but every day for the last 3 weeks, my ex has been in my dreams. i dont sleep with any crystals so i don’t think it’s that. he’s also not spiritual and doesn’t even know what manifesting is so i know he’s not certifying me back. why do you guys think i’m having these dreams about him?

edit: i forgot to mention but there’s no theme to the dreams at all. theyre always totally random

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