Addictions, bad food and spirituality

I have a very sensitive stomach but at the same time I snack to make myself feel right. I am not overweight at all and I am generally health and I workout a lot. However, my guilty gratification is chocolate, things like Chick-fil-A, pizza … sometimes I imbibe an vitality liquor or coffee but I stopped doing it daily.

Anyway, I notice that I is definitely not in touch with myself at all and I think it’s because of my gap when it comes to food. I get very upset too when I can’t eat what I want to eat because my deduce is “I simply have this life and I am here to experience being human in every lane possible and I don’t gain weight, how come I have to feel bad about devouring this right now? ” I know I sound like a kid throwing a outburst but I am announcing this on now to get some thoughts from you guys and maybe some advice? I can tell that I can feel my vitality more in my organization/ mitts when I eat health menu and studying is much easier. Do you guys gobble healthful or do you have your cheat dinners extremely?

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