A got a sign!

So I’ve always been really skeptical of people who say they’ve received “signs” from the spiritual realm, always chalking it up to coincidence or them accompanying things where there is nothing. However, I recently picked up the book “Signs, The Secret Language of the Universe” by Laura Lynne Jackson. I got a few sections in and my skeptical soul is just like, ok, let’s test this. I tried to think of something that would be reasonably unlikely for me to encounter in day-to-day life, and settled on a moose. I don’t live in an area where they live, and idols and conversations containing moose are pretty scarce. I expected the universe to send me a moose to guide me in the right direction in “peoples lives”. What did my lover brought before on a whim tonight? A mousse patty. I didn’t get it until he started joking about imparting me a real moose with horns. Count me a devotee, lol.

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