How do you break out of this attention-seeking behaviour?

Lately, I’ve been cutting off from beings, talking lesser, identifying affections dissolve, and what not, and it has made a weird effect on me.

I’ve started Hunger attention whenever i get the chance, and have started missing potential partners abruptly( which didn’t happen so much before) and 1 person specifically( with whom, it was pretty chill, I didn’t feel so intensely ).

I feel instable and lonely, and feel like it’s a structure where i pray some attending from people who i like, i feel like it’s a route I’m marching towards goodness, like proliferating as a person by unlearning and learning.

But I don’t want to stay in this mindset, it feels really heavy. I can’t keep looking at his gossip waiting for a small message. I want to break out of this pattern.

Any admonition would be appreciated.

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