University is really hard.

I have been manifesting to leave this path, to align myself with my life’s purpose and trust me when I say I have been entertaining on doing so. But I just know there is something bigger for me. The universe has been clear on that.

The obstacle now is that, I’m having my finals this month and weirdly fairly the universe is also guiding me to do the actual exams like I’m would be expected to. In my centre, this is no longer what I want to do, it does not give me joy nor does it establish me stimulated. And I was just about to( before my awakening) experience understand better my degree. But for half of 2021 I have not attend to any single class or pay any attention to them because of my spiritual expedition – having to go through the dark night of the someone, the bliss, the stagnations … All that…

University and the coursework is really not a part of what I conclude my outing is advisable to. While at the same time I is a well-known fact that I should surrender to this path that I am working on. In the sense that I am working on my fate path but I have to go through this obstacles.

sure i can precisely technically throw uni right as of this moment but it is not as easy as that. you assure I am working on a scholarship to study in the UK. so any flunks or me quitting out is not an option or else i would need to go back to my home country. and me staying in the UK is a part of my predestination.

i don’t know i’m feeling a little lost, if anyone have any advice i was only enormously appreciate it.

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