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Fancore Entertainment is currently in the development of a 20-minute short film titled Song of Fate. It takes place in the hypothetical future of 2023 and tells the story of a city girl named Danny who exits a life of crime to pursue her passion for singing. When she performs at an arcade bar, a local band asks if she wants to join them, but before she can give an answer, a rowdy biker gang starts harassing her and a conflict ensues. Song of Fate is about the human experience. Furthering the idea that we’re not only individuals but a part of something much bigger but that we need to be positive toward our fellow man and be on a harmonic level. We can’t do much but what we can do, echoes generations later. We want to promote the idea that hate and division aren’t the only things movies can portray. Standing against those things is far more rewarding. The short is set to release sometime in August and will be premiering in film festivals. Song of Fate is promoting a feature film titled The Voice of Harmony, which aims to have a much higher budget through private investors and crowdfunding. It will continue the story of Song of Fate but on a much bigger scale. If you like the sound of this story and want to learn more, please follow our other social media accounts.

Tik Tok: @ songoffatefilm

Instagram @ songoffate and check out the director’s website: www.fancoreentmt.com

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