Does any of this indicates something about me? I lack the background to explain them

m gonna make it as simple as I can.

When i was 12, i was aware sometimes in my dreams

I experienced that i carried my grandfather( dead) before anyone told me he died

When i hugged my grandmother before she left our house, i told my gf that its the last time we understand her, dont know why i felt like this. She died before we viewed her again.

I dreamt of a old-time friend of mine that he had an operation in hospice crying and gripping me and transmit him sense. He asked how i knew that he had surgery in his abdomen and told me he didnt tell anyone about this. I solicited paintings to believe him and he mail me. I was in Japan and he was in Greece( not having communication for at least 7 years)

My friend passed me a pendulum and I didn’t know what it is. I moved it nonetheless i liked with ease.

My small cousin told me she saw a dream were a was like a spiritual professor and everyone listened me in silence.

Many events is attributable to dreams i Saw

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