If were being logical could I technically treat myself to give thanks to the universe for making my day better?

So Today I had ISS lunch detention and I didn’t go and went in difficulty for it. I was also late to my 2nd period and didn’t get commemorated tardy( being observed tardy is what got me lunch detention ).

So after clas at carpool my friend had to hand out some newspapers to the boys parents and she told me to join her and help her and at first I was like “omg nooo” because I was apprehensive but then eventually she simply handed them to me and I started passing them out.

So while delivering them out the vice principal was like “ohhh that’s huge your helping out well how about this, you can pay off your detention if you deliver these papers out with your friend” and I was like okay.

So yea I don’t have ISS anymore and I merely wanna give thanks to the universe so could I precisely write a letter and blithely discuss myself? Because if I’m the universe in human form then I’m technically too starting the universe happy by treating myself well.

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