“Messages” from the “Universe”

I was born and raised in the Christian church and was 100% all about until I turned 21 and started recalling for myself. As I to be told, “I ascertained the beacon, ” of open mindedness. From 21 – 32 I accepted the fact that anything is possible, but we as a human species will probably never know as far as Gods, after life’s, and all that stuff departs. Around the same time I started inhaling weed, and had a pretty heavy experience while I was super high-pitched which acquired me do a mental 180, from being chilled and hating beings, to not being depressed and cordial people. I won’t get into details now, but it was one of the most eye opening, panicking, beautiful, spiritual knows of “peoples lives”.

After this experience I started meditating a cluster and things would happen while I ruminated which is where we now get to the “messages.” I’ll really make a list of the things now( it’s hard for me to accept the idea of these instances being the universe communicating with me, but I don’t know how else to explain it. I’m terribly skeptical of my own knowledge ).

I was meditating one nighttime and understood an orb with a doughnut around it which I interpreted as Saturn. I then pictured a big bright orb I perceived as the daylight. I then pictured Saturn, the Earth, and the Sun could be in alignment soon. I forgot about the experience and two weeks later stumble upon an commodity saying that Saturn, the Earth, and the Sun would be in alignment that summertime.

I was meditating at night and heard a barn owl announcing. I wanted to open my sees to look for it, but something told me not to( not an actual articulation as much as a knowing ). I heard it again and wanted to open my noses, but again , not yet. Third experience, same thing. The fourth era I heard it the message I get was look at the moon. So I opened my gazes and looked at the moon. The owl then flew right past the moon.

Most recently( March 24 th) I was meditating and for some reason was compelled to devote a whole sheet in my publication to write the words, light-green parrot. I felt like this had some implication. I never told anyone. Two weeks ago my mommy randomly got a light-green parrot.

These are just a few patterns.

I’m not really looking for what these things imply, because I don’t judge anyone can offer me that. I’m just curious if anyone else has had similar know-hows? How have you interpreted them, how have they help me out here, etc .. thanks!

TL ;D R I’ve been verifying things while meditating that have come to fruition later on and don’t really know how to explain it. Wondering if anyone else has same knowledge( I’m highly skeptical of my own insights and don’t want to prance to my own ignorant opinions ).

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