My anxiety is severely hindering my life

So I( 25 M) have fought with nervousnes most of my adult being. I use smokes to cope with it for 6 years. It started to take a negative toll on my mental health though, and I’m about 3 weeks sober now with no plans to go back. However, my tension has really reared it’s ugly leader since then. Simple things like going to be groceries, and especially anything outside of my convenience zone( traveling, fulfill new people, etc .)

I know it’s all in my chief, and I only want to be able to manage my indications. Nothing is ever as bad as my head tricks myself into thinking it to be. I’ve tried meditation, but it seems as soon as I finish meditating( which is usually not long because I likewise belief I have ADHD and contend focusing) the distres typically returns immediately. I live inside of my own head too much. I have tried breathing utilizations and they run, again in the moment, but as soon as I stop saying that returns immediately. Does anyone have any relatable admonition or gratuities?

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