I can see in 3D now??

So I represent a great deal of Stardew Valley, and I began to notice that whenever I’m playing, the personas on the screen pop out at me in 3D – extremely when it turns to dusk in the game and the water turns a specific shade of off-color. I thought it was simply an effect of the graphics, and speculated good-for-nothing more of it, until now when I was on my iPhone and realise a simple image that was mostly blue-blooded with a little spot of red, and it immediately sounded out in 3-D without warning.

I will say that I’ve always been very good at those Magic Eye idols from the 90 s. I could and still can look at one and assure the likenes right away. The reason why I am posting this to this subreddit is because I’m particularly spiritual, and when I defocus my attentions in similar channels as I do while looking at a Magic Eye image, I can see “energy” in the air or in the sky as well. My intuition “ve been told” it’s something is attributable to clairvoyance.

Anyone else experience anything remotely same?

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