Manifestations finally coming to fruition but they’re frightening me

Many of the big-hearted things I’ve worked so hard over the past two years to manifest are finally becoming worlds, and I’m startled !! I can’t experience the success I’m feeling because there have been so many roadblocks on this path into my new animation that I can’t stop looking forward to the next spiritual “test.” I lastly shored my dream chore and have a month to waste relaxing but likewise tying up some very emotionally charged loose end before I start and I’m obsessed all i will do is fixate on problems with my family and whether I will fail in my brand-new persona. I know this job and other good things have come into my life because I’ve worked for them and waited patiently but now that they’re lastly now I don’t well known to loosen and experience what I’ve fulfilled. I know how much this job are meant to me because I felt the full pressure of disappointment when I believed I hadn’t gotten it, but now that I have I can just feel that counterweight of happy. Am I blocked somehow? Any admonition would be welcome, thank you [?]

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