The frequency and duration of synchronicities

I had met with my life coach who is a Paul chek practitioner, “weve had” discussed questions on divinity, manifesting, destinations, unconditional affection amongst other things

The next day I had filled up with a friend who we had started talking about similar substance but literally he was speaking as if though he’d been in the office listening to us talk the day before. The idea on manifesting trash was brought up as well, and a truck with the word materialised written along side drove right past us as we were sitting at a coffeehouse … It dazed me for a moment

I am looking to move forward spiritually and there is things that I dread of happening, and goals I have positioned that spur me forward. Having all this happen was a little overwhelming amongst other things too. But I really don’t want to manifest something I don’t want in my life and I actually would like to manifest things that would be for my highest good. What role do the synchronicities align with what we are doing and where we are going and how to eliminate the nervousnes in our attractor disciplines?

I want to be a chiropractor and there have been a number of synchronicities circumventing that very. Including playing the same piece of Mozart that was playing in the agency on the way to my chiropractor. Being stopped by an old-time friend on the way to the chiropractic place who is a chiropractor himself.

Have you got any tips-off or revelations on synchronicities, life-time itinerary, aims, dreams and fears

I’d love to hear your input as to what is happening and your tales too

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