Life change

Hey people! I just wanted to write something rapidly about soul alterations. 2 years ago I was a prestigious artwork school student wearing decorator investing, exceedingly chilled, and addicted to bad substances. Over the last year I had a near-death experience and get sober and had a spiritual awake. I’ve done a lot of healing and reached a reflection point in my life where I’m now at peace but from personally varying so much better and living in a different country I’ve been isolated and am losing parties. I’m aware it’s all for the best and I confidence in myself and if I sometimes don’t I at least trust in the Universe but it’s extremely hard losing what I believed my life was and was going to be. I’m so happy it all converted but I seem to be at a crossroads and I’m are concerns that man won’t be as good as I thought it would. I’m also worried that who I’m becoming is going to be greatly scorned from the person or persons I still keep in contact with. I’m lonely and empty-bellied and baffled. I just miss reassurance that I can feel joy, agreement, true love, and most of all fulfillment and gratification and that bad times are truly temporary. Likewise, I’d love to hear your narratives! Batches of charity. 🙂

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