The game

Why so haunted with this game? This game psyche is playing … victim…conquerer … winner…loser … playing hard to get, was just trying to get what is hard to get

I watch all this nonsense on sideline and to be expected that I can find someone to sit on sideline and watch it with me because if I is engaged in its disaster, this torso hates the tension haha

Yet this body doesn’t want to be lonely, what’s worse, hostility or lonely? At least lonely I am myself and when I’m tension I am someone who I repute I am

I don’t know ah, why everyone insist on being human rat in hasten of the spirit, expending and creating all these natures like do you insure what is happening? All this suffering gets worse the more you jump into the delusion lol wtf

Oh well , now what? No where to go , good-for-nothing to do

Damn it

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