Scared Of reincarnation into a weak animal/species! Please help

As a Christian, I’m having some suspicion over reincarnation !! Please help !!

I’ve recently been thinking about reincarnation and how spooky it could be. For instance haphazardly rein-carting into a animal that suffers such as a moo-cow, bug, chicken, or maybe another human, and maybe into a different universe. I know how I’m visualizing is irrational, but the nervousnes for me is that this could be a possibility, and I don’t want it to be real. IM a catholic who believes that we go to heaven or blaze depending on our deeds during this life, nonetheless I’m worried that I may be wrong and rebirth is real.

How can I pacify my frights. I’ve haven’t really thought about this till now.

God bless

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