What’s the meaning behind seeing crows/ravens?

I’ll chipped straight to it. Starting last week I sat in my car getting ready to start my day and a crow/ raven came beside my automobile and was cawing, flew around for a bit then left. Felt like he was just looking for something to eat, I then went to hang out with a friend that same day and the moment my friend arrived, there was literally three of them standing next to each other about 20 hoofs from in front of me like they were in formation. At this spot I certainly started to say alright this is kind of odd because why am I just seeing crows and why am I looking them so much? fast forward. Can’t recall what epoch but I was driving and then what do you are familiar with? A raven/ crow pilot right across my itinerary in front of my auto. I did research and I’m watch a lot of different rebuttals, can anybody be attributed to me what’s going on?

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